About Spilt Coffee Productions

Hello and welcome to Spilt Coffee Productions brand new website. What is Spilt Coffee, who are we, what do we do? Well, Spilt Coffee Productions is a team of four who specialise in Radio Production. Dramas, podcasts and radio shows can all be found here on our site. The team of four are made up of; Connor, Ben, Rhys and Dan. Connor is a Radio Show host extraordinaire and audio producer/editor. As well as leading the producing of all the projects here, he is also the proud of host of So Cosy Radio. Ben, Rhys and Dan oversee the writing element of all of our projects and are also the hosts of the podcast series; Cinematic Surgeons.

Our main goal is to provide unique and diverse Radio Content. No two Spilt Coffee Productions are the same. So if you want Sadistic Comedy, Sci-Fi Horror, Historical Drama, whimsical podcasts or relaxed radio, we’ve got you covered.

However, our output doesn’t stop there. Here at Spilt Coffee Productions you can find a Blog Writing Space where we will take you behind the scenes on our productions, or we may just write about anything that pops into our head regarding the Entertainment Industry.

As well as a Blog Writing Space, we shall be offering a consulting service; need some tips on fine tuning your own audio work, want us to create something for you, or do you need a Script read and edited? If any of these apply to you then get in contact with us and we will get to work on it ASAP.

We have a great passion for what we do and we believe that this is evident in our work, but don’t take our word for it, you can find everything we do here on site as well as a portfolio showing snippets of our Script work. And once you’re done exploring our website, why not check out Spilt Coffee Productions elsewhere; follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Reddit to check out more.

So that’s us; we look forward to working with you, for you and hope you enjoy our work.

Yours Truly,

Spilt Coffee Productions

Meet the team

Benjamin Brake: Scriptwriter

A photo of Benjamin Brake

Hello! I’m Benjamin Brake - a quarter of the main crew at Spilt Coffee Productions. My roles so far have included writing and directing on the projects we’ve released so far. Creative writing has always been a huge part of my life; from writing stories of talking dogs and haunted houses in Primary School, to, honestly, slightly less comprehensible topics now. I enjoy a challenge and radio drama production gives me exactly that: to create stories through sound alone is a wonderful test of our abilities as a group - and one that I believe we have all risen to spectacularly. My passion for writing extends beyond radio and into screenplays, stageplays, novels, et cetera. Outside of writing, I (obviously) enjoy reading and watching books, films, and television shows. I also like animals and Viennese whirls.

Connor Morrin: Producer

A photo of Connor Morrin

Hey there, my name is Connor Morrin and I am an Audio Producer for Spilt Coffee Productions. I recently graduated from Bournemouth University with a First Class Honours Degree in Radio Production. Here is where I found my interest in crafting atmospheres and working with speech. Sound is a blank canvas for creativity, that is why we plan on having so much fun with it throughout our productions. I work with the three brilliant minds of Ben, Dan and Rhys to make immersive stories which capture and inspire, we have many exciting ideas for you. Prepare to explore some extraordinary genres, narratives and plot lines in our Spilt Coffee stories.

Daniel Lawrence: Scriptwriter

A photo of Daniel Lawrence

Hello, my name is Daniel Lawrence and like my compatriots here at Spilt Coffee Productions I am a graduate from Bournemouth University. My particular Bachelors was in Scriptwriting for Film and Television; which puts me in the same company as Rhys and Ben. Together the three of us make up the writing contingent of Spilt Coffee. As 1/3 of this writing piece it is my job to help contribute to the scripting of all of our projects. A writing career for me was a decision I made after completing a re-run of A-Levels in Film Studies and Creative Writing, followed by my Degree studies in Bournemouth and here we are. My writing focus started off with a majority of Short Film Scripts and as of late Feature Film Scripts and of course Radio Scripts here at Spilt Coffee. Beyond writing I’ve on occasion acted in projects. On this site you’ll hear me voice acting in both ‘Black Signal’ and ‘The Glass is Cleaner on the Other Side’. As well as this I acted in the Bibias Theatre Group Piece; ‘Burnt Toast’ at the 2015 Salisbury Fringe Theatre Festival. And of course you’ll hear me chatting away with Rhys and Ben on our Cinematic Surgeons Podcast.

Rhys Stacey: Scriptwriter

A photo of Rhys Stacey

Hi there! My name is Rhys and I am also a graduate of Bournemouth University’s BA (Hons) Scriptwriting for Film and Television degree. I form a quarter of the collective ‘Spilt Coffee Productions’ specialising in writing scripts (with Ben and Dan) and lending my voice to recorded projects.

My main area of interest in writing is relationships (familial, friendly or romantic) and I love to delve deep into what makes our bond with others tick. This can be seen across my own personal work (such as my section in Fragments of War) as well as the flavours I bring to group written projects (such as Honour).

I’m currently splitting my time between studying MA Film and Screen Media at Birkbeck University and working hard for Spilt Coffee Productions with the drive to create excellent quality work that we as a team can be proud of.