Grinding The Bean - How we made Honour

Posted on 2020-03-30 by Rhys Stacey

Honour represented for us our first large scale project and presented us with a very exciting array of challenges and obstacles. Initially designed as Connor’s final major project for his BA, the team were so proud of the work by the time it was complete that it was entered into the 2018 SRA awards, winning Bronze in the Best Speech Programming Category.

Connor knew that he wanted to create a drama centred around a Samurai named Nao and brought the idea to Daniel, Ben and myself and we got to work fleshing out a story of a Dishonourable Samurai who recounts the formative moments of his life to his Daimyo with the end goal of being granted forgiveness for his dishonour and being able to commit suicide honourably. We broke the scripting process up into 3 distinct sections.

I wrote the first part, which told the story of Nao and his brother, Isamu, as children at their family home, sowing the seeds that would build their bitter rivalry and hatred of one another, which would form the springboard for Benjamin to take us on the next part of the story, the defining battle the brother engage in during their time in the military and the cold blooded murder of Isamu.

Daniel took the final part of the story, with Nao fully living a life of debauchery and sin. Guilt sets in of his treachery and he decides to abandon the despicable existence he’s trapped himself in and visit his Daimyo and beg for permission to kill himself but with honour.

We were very fortunate that Connor had access to original, natural recordings from Japan which really helped bring the intricate world we had created to life. With a full East Asian cast and excellent sound design from the maestro himself, we were incredibly proud of what we had put together.

Not only were we blown away with Connor’s Final Major Project score but were over the moon to be nominated for an SRA award in Best Speech Programming.
On the night of the awards, after meeting up at the 02 arena, we were given the third-place prize for all our hard work!

The first part of Fragment’s of War was nominated for Best Speech Programming SRA award at the 2019 ceremony.

You can listen to Honour right here on the website!