The Spilt Coffee Bean - The Glass is Always Cleaner on the Other Side

Posted on 2019-10-14 by Benjamin Brake

As is well known, all Spilt Coffees begin with the harvesting of the coffee beans.

In the Spring of 2016, our wonderful team was brought together by fate’s gentle touch for a collaborative project at university. The project lasted just over a month and then, for a year, that was it. We parted with an implied handshake and went on to focus on our own coursework and independent projects until one day, one of us had a really rather stupid idea based on a really rather stupid pun.

‘The Glass is Always Cleaner on the Other Side’, get it? It’s like that common saying, but a little bit different! If I’m honest, the title bugs me to this day; still wish I’d simply called it just ‘The Glass is Always Cleaner’. I guess I didn’t understand subtlety back then. Anyway, the pun came to me in an instant and provided with it a scenario: Window cleaners on a huge skyscraper. Pompous middle-class window cleaners on the inside, humble working-class window cleaners on the outside. An ongoing feud between the two sides. Obviously, this concept is ridiculous, and wouldn’t have worked too well in a visual way so I messaged our audio producer Connor about the idea and suggested it as a five-part audio comedy series.

It was there that the beans which would later turn into Spilt Coffee Productions first began to sprout.

I wrote all five episodes for the series, we recorded only two, and produced only the first one. Which is probably for the best. Rhys and Dan joined the production as actors playing two of the main characters: Steve and Edmund. The recording went quite well. The actors gave a worthy performance, but there was very little directing on my behalf and we probably tried to cram too much into one recording session. This didn’t matter though.

Like sharks with the taste for blood, we’d gotten another scent of what our collaborative capabilities could create. And when Connor sent me the finished audio file of the first episode I was in awe. It was so crisp and well-crafted. The sound effects seemed seamlessly integrated and it far surpassed my expectations. Sure, the quality probably isn’t even close to our standard now, but as a first try… It wasn’t bad. But the best thing was that I knew we could do better. It was my first foray into a whole new medium of writing which I’d barely even considered before, but now my mind was brimming with ideas.

It would be roughly five months later that we would start work on our next project, but it was with this project I can safely say our work as a team had begun and the beans for our production company had been harvested.

If you wish to listen to ‘The Glass is Always Cleaner on the Other Side – Episode One – From Fragile Beginnings’ (That’s a hell of a mouthful, what was I thinking?!) – You can do so right here on our website!
But go easy on it, it was early days.

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