Welcome to Spilt Coffee Productions’ Blog!

Posted on 2018-11-10 by Benjamin Brake

Everyone is from someplace. We all have stories, our lives unfolding along crooked lines, colliding in unexpected ways” — Noah Hawley, Before the Fall.

I can’t imagine that quote is hugely relevant, but it’s from a good book, and posts often look more sophisticated if they’re preceded by a vaguely related quote.

This blog is a place for us to talk to you. Through it we’ll post updates or announcements on our projects and goings-on. We might publish blogposts dedicated to examining or dissecting all elements of media-creativity. We are, after all, passionate media creatives ourselves. People who thrive on exploring, analysing, and appreciating every aspect of the media we absorb. We hope our enthusiasm might be somewhat reciprocated by you, our wonderful readers.

Anyway, I’ll keep this brief because, frankly, you’ve likely stopped reading already. Much like ‘Terms and Conditions’, I’m aware that no one really reads ‘Welcome’ posts for blogs. But we hope to update soon, and we hope any of the rambling madness we may come up with might be of interest to you.

It is with the deepest and most sincere gratitude I must say: Thank you for coming this far.