Fragments of War: Beneath

Roy, Harry, and Charles are three tunnellers tasked with digging beneath the lines and into enemy territory. Their routine operation is interrupted however when a German mine nearby explodes and the tunnel collapses leaving them trapped.

Scared, injured, and seemingly without hope, they then hear a fourth voice in the darkness. Wherein they realise they are no longer alone.

About Fragments of War

Fragments of War explores three of the many perspectives of the first world war. It was a war that affected the lives of so many and in so many different ways that should not be overlooked or forgotten. Within this three-part series we explore stories set ‘Above’, in the treacherous skies, ‘Beneath’, in the dark and lonely tunnels under the trenches, and ‘Behind’, in the homes of the families waiting with little contact with or information about those they love.

Fragments of War is an independent project raising funding and awareness for the Royal British Legion. The Royal British Legion provides lifelong support for the Armed Forces community — serving men, women, veterans and their families. To donate, please visit their website.


Fragments of War was nominated for Best Speech Programming at the Student Radio Awards, 2019

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