Honour is a 30-minute radio drama that takes place in 16th century, feudal Japan and tells the story of Nao; a disgraced Ashigaru who recounts the story of his deceitful and treacherous life to his Damyo in the hope he be granted an honourable death.

We meet Nao as a young boy with his brother Isamu. The pair, like all siblings, are in constant contention for their parent’s approval. It is heart-breaking, then, when Isamu is noted as worthy enough to become an honourable Samurai whilst Nao is stuck as a middling foot-soldier (Ashigaru). After serving under his brothers command, Nao snaps and murders Isamu and assumes command of his brother’s life.

The guilt consumes him as Nao falls from a plethora of disreputable and dishonourable decisions. Until, that is, he decides to confess in the hope that he may be allowed to kill himself but die in honour.


Honour won the bronze award for Best Speech Programming at the Student Radio Awards 2018.

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