Let’s Not Fallout (Coming Soon)

In October 1962, the planet Earth – in its traditionally recognisable form – died.

This was inconvenient.

On the day of the nuclear holocaust, a small group of five regular and unremarkable people found themselves safely contained from the Armageddon inside the dingy and largely useless submarine HMS Taciturn. Upon rationalising the situation, the crew did what any small group of survivors would do: bumbled around the planet’s oceans looking for adventure and excitement.

This is the world of Let’s Not Fallout.

A world where surviving with each other in a remote and pressurised environment is as much a struggle as dealing with the irradiated & mutated animals, the savage teenagers, the brutal pirates, and the evil genius Dreadnought Fortuna.

Their world is nonsensical and ridiculous, terrifying and painful. And they all deal with this in different ways.
And only if they all get along can they ever get through the trials ahead.